Privatcoins - is a Bitcoin wallet with buy/sell functions. Map and geolocation are used to connect users for personal purchases. App contains some exchange functions. Application was made from scratch for iOS and Android.

Screenshots of the mobile application '7 treasures'


This dating app from Denmark startup gives possibilities for people to find each other a partner using video/audio calls, geo-messages (posts connected to specific geolocation), list of profiles. The app also has chat feature with push notifications. The server side is looking for matches that are near each other and notifies users, when they are close enough.

Screenshots of the mobile application 'Smoosh'


Nomination BEST OF CES 2016 according to ENGADGET. Soul is a universal application that show where you spend your valuable 24 hours of a day. The application works automatically, detecting users geolocation and analyzing it accordingly to Forsquare api. App also has access to health data to detect sleeping time. As a result you get timelines and charts which describe how you spend your time. According to this app can give recommendations how to harmonize your life.

Screenshots of the mobile application 'Soul'


It is a personalised mobile fashion app that has all brands and retailers in one place. The app uses image search to help quickly search through over 2.5 million products. Other features are similar to social network - users post products and follow each other, make collections.

Screenshots of the mobile application 'Comb'


Kazakhstan Government was seeking to develop and deploy native mobile apps that will popularize national tourism and culture. The app itself is a guide to Kazakhstan with interactive and real maps, where you can explore sights, watch photos and videos about them. Special place take 3D models of the most popular attractions. The built-in chat helps users to find the fellow travelers or just to discuss the routes or places.The app was built for both platforms iOS and Android.

Screenshots of the mobile application 'Qazakhstan3'

7 treasures

Another app ordered by the Government of Kazakhstan is about national culture. It contains different sections with articles. The total amount of sections is 7 - the magic number for Kazakhstan.

Screenshots of the mobile application '7 treasures'


The guide-helper app solves the problem of choosing how to spend your free time with the guarantee of excellent quality. The main value of the application are lists that contain only proven places for spending a great time. Each of the venues goes through several stages of censoring, before getting into the list of recommendations. In the application, you can watch videos with reviews of famous restaurateurs, bloggers and celebrities, order a table or build a route.

Screenshots of the mobile application 'Agiotage'